The LockedGlitch


The LockedGlitch was an exhibition launch on October 5th 2020 by Leonel Piccardo in collaboration with Jahél Tan, The Natural Hair Doctor.


The idea for the photo exhibition arose a few years ago in an Amsterdam restaurant.  Photographer Leonel discussed with his loctician, Jahél, founder and owner of The Natural Hair Doctor, his ideas for publishing a book containing a series of personal portraits in which locs (dreadlocks) are central and to share personal stories of Jahél's customers.

Leonel wanted to take this a step further and create a more surreal version, precisely because black culture is often shown in the form of a documentary. Jahél fully agreed with this and the cooperation for this special project blossomed.



“LockedGlitch” is a representation of dream-like magic that lies within blackness. Leonel's personal experiences, fantasies and desires in regards to his black awakening become the source of inspiration for his surrealistic scenes.  


A world created from a place of vulnerability and empowerment where natural hair and locs blend organically with their surroundings."

Detached Revelations


Omem's Murmur


Within They


Though of, I

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The artworks are composed by mix-media form, mainly, of photographs taken in different locations, 3D objects and digital painting technics.

The artworks are offered as prints on different fine art paper. Click Here for paper info.
Framing, at the moment, is only possible upon request.

The prints are numbered and signed by the Leonel.

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Hair: The Natural Hair Doctor

Makeup: Carlos Saidel (Within They, Dwelling)

Dress: Barbara Jacob Vintage (Within They, Dwelling, Omen's Murmur)


Amsterdam, Holland

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